February 5, 2018 Someone Special

Innovation competition begins February 5

In order to give opportunities for students to innovate and use their gained knowledge, Zemgale Planning Region in cooperation with Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU) launched international innovation competition for students.

The aim of this competition is to motivate students with engineering background to get involved in practical drainage problems solving by developing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for drainage systems.

“In the “NutrInflow” project we focus on sedimentation ponds, two stage ditches, bottom dams, meandering, controlled drainage and artificial wetlands, but we hope that students can come up with something new, maybe something that hasn’t been displayed anywhere else,” hopes Ainis Lagzdins, associated professor of LLU and member of “NutrInflow” team. He explains that most important matter is that the ideas combine both managing water level and reduce nutrient inflow.

According to the competition rules, event is organized in two phases – during the first one, students have to prepare brief description about the idea that introduces innovative solution in the field of drainage systems and assist the reduction of biogenic pollution from agriculture fields; in the second phase three best competitors will meet and develop demonstration model of their idea described previously. Deadline for the first phase is March 9, but second stage happens from March 23 until June 1.

Students are welcome to participate either individually or in teams (up to three participants). It is important that teams with students from different fields (e.g. interdisciplinary) receive additional points.

All contestants have a chance to participate local and international speaker lectures related to innovations and environmentally friendly drainage solutions, and their potential influence to reduction of biogenic runoff. Also for increasing practical knowhow, all students/teams will have a chance to visit already existing environmentally friendly drainage solutions within Zemgale region.

All second stage participants will receive encouragement awards. The winner will have chance to participate in fully paid trip to Finland to participate in the final conference of the project NutrInflow and present the solution internationally.

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