September 27, 2017 Someone Special

“NutrInflow” partners will meet in Latvia

In the beginning of october “NutrInflow” project partners from Finland and Sweden are coming to Latvia. The main goal of this visit is to evaluate pilot territory of Jelgava Local municipality and visit sites of good practices.

The first day of this meet-up (October 3) will focus on visiting places that can be counted as good-practice examples here in Latvia.

Mellupīte monitoring station is one of many where scientists from Latvia University of agriculture on a regular basis are monitoring shallow or sub-soil waters and the content of nitrogen nitrates in it.

The second example – farm “Vilciņi-1” and its renovated drainage system – is a great example of farmer’s initiative. Here a ditch has been renovated in a total length of 3,2 km, also sedimentation ponds and other elements have been constructed. The calculations show that these systems detain almost 95% of suspended particles, hold up to 40% of nitrogen and phosphorus. In addition, this reconstruction has helped to reduce flood impact, created environment for plants and animal species as well as increased the quality of landscape.

In the second day (October 4) partners will have a chance to see Sodīte stream – the main pilot territory of Jelgava Local municipality. The reconstruction began in the spring and this site is unique in Zemgale because it is the first territory where two stage ditch solution has been implemented as a continuous element (with artificial wetlands in between) for almost 4 kilometers. The “terraces” will not only increase biodiversity and reduce inflow of biogenic elements but also help to reduce floodwater impact for nearby territories.

Also in this territory artificial wetlands with shallow water zones are created further reducing nutrient inflow into Tērvete river and eventually – the Baltic sea.

Aigars Ieviņš,
Zemgale Planning Region
PR specialist