September 15, 2017 Someone Special

Reconstruction of Sodīte stream nears finish

Jelgava local municipality pushes forward the reconstruction of Sodīte stream in Viesturciems village. It is estimated that the construction works will finish within one and a half months.

In the aerial video (filmed in August and September of 2017) it is visible what has been achieved, how the site looked before the works begun and how the heavy machinery is creating this stream, which stretches for 3,75 kilometers.

The reconstruction began in the spring and this site is unique in Zemgale because it is the first territory where two stage ditch solution has been implemented as a continuous element (with artificial wetlands in between) for almost 4 kilometers. The “terraces” will not only increase biodiversity and reduce inflow of biogenic elements but also help to reduce floodwater impact for nearby territories.

Also in this territory artificial wetlands with shallow water zones are created further reducing nutrient inflow into Tērvete river and eventually – the Baltic sea.

After just two weeks (October 3-4) an “on-field” workshop will be held in Latvia. This will be a good possibility to see the results of the project on site and discuss the impact with local experts and project team!

Aigars Ieviņš,
Zemgale Planning Region
PR specialist